Nearby Planet - About Us - Facility Image

Our Story

In 2017, Jamie Ryder, a contractor/carpenter, and his cousin Bobby Wall, a graphic designer/animator, following their passion for video games and believing that the immerging virtual reality technology was the future of gaming (amongst other things) started a mobile VR company called Waypoint Gamery.

After 2 years of pop-ups and mobile events, the opportunity to purchase a local VR arcade fell in their lap and they jumped on it. They merged the two companies and adopted the arcade name… Nearby Planet VR.

Our Mission

Nearby Planet VR is dedicated to building the virtual reality community and bringing VR to all who seek it. That is why we offer free VR demos, because you can explain VR to someone, but they’ll never really understand it until they try it! Nearby Planet offers more than just a VR experience, we offer an immersive, positive atmosphere setup to make your time a memorable one. 

Social Endeavors

We at Nearby Planet VR believe, that to build a community, we must be active within the community. Most recently, we are very proud to have partnered with Game Over Cancer for their annual event and are looking forward to our continued relationship. Also, we will be attending and sponsoring future major events within the community, such as, DND Family Days and Hal-Con to name a few.

Our Facility & Equipment

Nearby Planet offers top of the line equipment and a futuristic facility. Don’t believe us? Click the button on the right to check it out for yourself.